Board of Directors

Board of Directors


•Jerry Olson - Twin Falls, Private Sector (Chair)
•Rosanna Campbell - Twin Falls, Low-Income Rep. (Vice-Chair)
•Cathy Roemer - Northern Counties, Public Sector (Treasurer)
•Bob Kunau - Cassia Co. Commissioner, Public Sector (Secretary)

Twin Falls County

•Joe Herring - Public Sector
•Jerry Olson - Private Sector
•Tom Behm - Private Sector
•Rosanna Campbell - Low-Income Representative
•Delores Brewerton - Low-Income Representative
•Leon Mills - Ex Officio

Northern Counties

•John Crozier- Jerome Co. Commissioner Public Sector
•Rebecca Wood - Lincoln Co. Commissioner, Public Sector
•Rebekah Yancey - Private Sector
•Walter Haines - Private Sector
•Paul Johnson - Low-Income Representative
•Jodie Timmons - Low-Income Representative

Mini-Cassia Counties

•Bob Kunau - Cassia County Commissioner, Public Sector
•Brent Reinke - Minidoka Co. Commissioner Public Sector
•Joel Wilson - Private Sector
•Blake Hollingsworth - Private Sector
•OPEN SEAT - Low-Income Representative
•Yvonne Mascorro - Low-Income Representative